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Steve 14th April 2018

We were driving along and the engine under carriage dropped on our car and was scraping along the road. We called in to Dorchester and I spotted Kane Autos - they were open on a Saturday and Brenton offered to help us. He was brilliant and did a spot on repair - taking the time to make sure it was secure. This helped us out hugely. Thanks so much guys. A1 service.

Nik 4th April 2018

Went down to Dorset for Easter weekend and our car started filling up with water, found Kane Autos and Brenton drained 12 litres out of the car and fixed the problem, thank you so much for saving our Easter break.

Ian 26th February 2018

Great service, very knowledgeable and not a 'rip off' merchant. That's why we keep using you for our vehicles.

Alan 25th October 2017

Generator failed for powering music for my Majorette Troupe and they were due to be part of Wellington Carnival. Phoned Kane Auto's and Brenton invited us down and fixed the problem so the girls could still go to Wellington.
Thank you Thank you Thank you. You are soon to be advertised on out Trailer and already on our website.

Caroline 20th September 2017

Very helpful place. We were stranded and Kane helped us. He got our vehicle going again so that our journey could continue. Did not overcharge us. Thank you Kane 😊

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